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NOTICE: Yes, your read right... this page hasn't been updated in 4 whole years. Things have greatly changed since then, so this page is currently undergoing a total REVAMP! Don't count on the information here anymore (especially the Gamers Blood Type profiles, bleh!) since most of it hopelessly outdated. ^_^;


Konnichiwa! Welcome to my Qtpie's Supa Kawaii Hunny Hunt web page. My name is Gamer Patty. Qtpie's Supa Kawaii Hunny Hunt is a dubbed VN (Japanese Visual Novel) about professional teenage League of Legends superstars who are after love and justice. In Japan, Qtpie's Supa Kawaii Hunny Hunt is known as Bishounen Senshi Gamerkutopai. Translated, it means Pretty Boy Gamer Qtpie. Qtpie's Supa Kawaii Hunny Hunt originated from a manga (Japanese comic book) created by Nei Otani. Since the popular visual novel's arrival, Qtpie's Supa Kawaii Hunny Hunt has been dubbed in French, Chinese, Italian, Portuguese, English and more. This page will be focusing on the North Amercican dub, so please get comfortatable, and have some popcorn. ;)

Qtpie's Supa Kawaii Hunny Hunt is produced by Marlbara LTD, distributed by Lumps Entertainment, and toys are made by Infection SWE. So far Qtpie's Supa Kawaii Hunny Hunt has released two series, Qtpie's Supa Kawaii Hunny Hunt, and most of Qtpie's Supa Kawaii Hunny The Chase R, however the game was released in episodic form so the last half of the episodes have yet to be translated. In Japan they have had three other series known as Gamerkutopai S, Gamerkutopai Super S, and the newest (and last), Kutopai Gamerstars. But without your help, the North American dub will never be able to show the rest of the story. So please go to the Save Our Gamers Campaign and see what you can do to help!


The company was nice enough to release the game as free for all Gamers to enjoy, here are the features as translated from the company site:

"Real life league of legends canon.
Nine different endings.
An original score.
Team up with a friend for co-op decision making."

So, what are you waiting for... Game On !!


Bishounen Senshi Gamerkutopai is a story on many levels. On the surface, the story revolves around Imaqtpie, a 20-year-old klutz, crybaby and underachiever, who is most startled to find that he can transform into the supergamer, Dignitas Imaqtpie. Throughout the VN he discovers a large circle of friends, also Dignitas supergamers, and his love interest from the past (and future), Neryth, who transforms into the only teamless gamer. (Lucky guy ^_^.) Together the senshi fight five tournaments/arcs of gamers and their feeble, second-rate gaming skills, to preserve love, save the internet, and rescue Neryth, who is painfully prone to brainwashing by the forces of evil.

Beyond this surficial look, BSGK is a rich series with deep themes of sacrifice, death and unconditional love. As the series progresses, there are deeper and deeper subplots, especially surrounding the skype chat and characters which appear in later arcs and routes. The characters are allowed to develop and mature over the course of the series, and Korea arc Imaqtpie is a far cry from his 20-year-old first-game/arc self; naturally some aspects of his personality remain, but beneath the surface he is battle-hardened and dedicated to his responsibilities as a soldier of love and games.


Imaqtpie is 20 years old, and is in second year of his League of Legends career with Dignitas. Imaqtpie doesn't have many qualities that make for a supergamer. Imaqtpie is a little more careless than other people, and a little bit of a cry baby and usually gets very bad marks on his Tribunal report card, unlike Ponyprancer.

Being Dignitas Imaqtpie is more of a growing experience for him (after all, its the only thing that he gets better at in the series). One thing to keep in mind is that Imaqtpie was the Dignitas Gamer who was protected by the Dignitas Gamers, so he is not a warrior by nature. He's earned a nickname which she dislikes (ie. Peeglassesface ), which comes from his distinctive yellow tinted gamers glasses.

Birthday: June 30th
Astrological Sign: Cancer
Blood Type: AB+
Favorite colors: White and pink
Hobbies: Shopping, videogames
Favorite food: Ice cream
Least favorite food: Carrots
Favorite subject: Home economics
Least favorite subject: Mathematics
Strong points: Has never missed a last hit since starting his career

L0cust is 24 years old, and is in second year of his League of Legends career with Dignitas. L0cust is the practical minded Dignitas Gamer. He generally serves as a morale booster (not only in combat only). He has an independant and strong willed personality. He is also the tallest of all five Dignitas Gamers. He likes to step up to challenges (He fights rather than thinks). He remains constantly loyal to Imaqtpie and believes that he we become a good leader, unlike Saveme.

Birthday: November 23rd
Astrological Sign: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown
Favorite colors: Unknown
Hobbies: League of Legends
Favorite food: Lamb
Least favorite food: Cucumber
Favorite subject: Math
Least favorite subject: Pottery
Strong points: Biceps

Saveme is 20 years old. Saveme has (in his opinion) the best leadership qualities of any of the Dignitas Gamers. As a teenager, he has gained popularity amongst those his own age. Also, he goes out on dates (much more often than the others). At first, he disliked Imaqtpie (Dignitas Imaqtpie) as being unfit personality-wise, as the leader. Later on, he then sees the error of his ways, and then helps out as a strong shoulder in Dignitas Imaqtpie's crises.

Birthday: July 30th Astrological Sign:Cancer
Blood Type:D-
Favorite colors:Blue
Hobbies: Collecting japanese hercules beetles
Favorite food: Jelly
Least favorite food: Pesticide
Favorite subject: Videogames
Least favorite subject: Responsibilities
Strong points: Korean, knows 3 language, plays videogames at MLG level

Feather Tea is 23 years old, and is in second year of his League of Legends career with Dignitas. Feather Tea has the most open personality than anyone else. He can be friendly with everyone. He will show genuine concern for the spiritual well being of anyone else, especially Imaqtpie. He has no enemies, however that doesn't mean he can't do his own share in combat. In order to help make friends, he often tries to use the playful (non-mischievious) approach in become friendly.

Birthday: April 19th
Astrological Sign: Aries
Blood Type:B+
Favorite colors:Blue and purple
Hobbies: Cosplay and playing haxball
Favorite food: Chicken
Least favorite food: Seafood
Favorite subject: Boxing
Least favorite subject: PE
Strong points: Can perfectly imitate the purrs of a cat

Ponyprancer is 18 years old, and is in second year of his League of Legends career with Dignitas. Ponyprancer is the brains of the team. Anytime anything mentally complex presents itself, he rises to the challenge. Rated with an IQ approaching that of a genius, he can generally solve almost any puzzle that the Dignitas Gamers finds themselves in. He also is the most aware of Imaqtpie being an emotional teenager, and not just a supergamer who isn't sensitive to the needs of a young man. As a Dignitas Gamer, Ponyprancer also fits the description of the idiom 'Brainpower over firepower'.

Birthday: April 19th
Astrological Sign: Taurus
Blood Type: O+
Favorite colors: Black and yellow
Hobbies: Second Life
Favorite food: Kimchi
Least favorite food: Dick
Favorite subject: Second Life
Least favorite subject: White people
Strong points: Black and independent

Pobelter is the ruler of the Curseverse. He himself is a minion of the Curseforce, an evil entity bent on conquest of the League of Legend's tournament bracket. He has four generals, and many legions of evil fans. After being banished into another dimension for a thousand years, he has found his way back to normal internet. By opening dark DDOS ports, he can send evil pings to and from the Curseverse. From his Curseverse, Pobelter attempts to free the powers of the Curseforce. With these powers, he would become capable of conquering League of Legends and winning its tournaments. His mission is to collect human life force energy, and feed it to the Curseforce, and to obtain the Imperium Dignitas Crystal, the only weapon capable of foiling Pobelter's plans.

Pobelter was also responsible for the attack on the Crystal Korea, which in turn forced Imaqtpie to send his son and the power of the Dignitas Gamers into the future. Actually, we aren't sure how the Dignitas Gamers get to the future. The original Japanese version has the people mentioned from the Crystal Korea reincarnated on Earth several hundred years into the future (our present day).

Pobelter is in love with Imaqtpie, and insanely jealous of Neryth.

Pobelter was killed by Gamer Neryth (Neryth) in the end.

Birthday: October XXth
Astrological Sign: Dark Achilles
Blood Type: OOO-
Favorite colors: Raspberry, periwinkle, black
Hobbies: Jumproping and challenging the neighborhood rascals to racing contests
Favorite food: Poutine, top ramen, kit kats
Least favorite food: Rice krispys
Favorite subject: Child development readiness
Least favorite subject: Mathematics
Strong points: Knows everyone elses weak points, ability to freeze time

One of Pobelter's agents. He poses himself as a big time gamer man. He prefers to use his powers to amplify the latency of his victims before killing them in lane. Unfortunately for Pobelter, he falls in love with Imaqtpie, and discovers there is more to life than evil. Pobelter, the master of the Curseverse, notices his weakness. He sends a moster to attack Imaqtpie, and Cop is fatally wounded protecting her.

Birthday: October XXst
Astrological Sign: Dark Libra
Blood Type: OOO-
Favorite colors: Green and red
Hobbies: Cleaning his glasses, collecting figmas
Favorite food: Mayo and frenchfries
Least favorite food: Peppered tomatoes
Favorite subject: Music
Least favorite subject: English
Strong points: Can disappear into environments

By day, Neryth is just a normal college student. But when duty calls, Neryth games all night as the romantic Gamer Neryth.

Neryth himself is at best a minor character, until Imaqtpie finds out that he is Gamer Neryth. Gamer Neryth is an ally to the Dignitas Gamers, but he has his own interests to worry about. Neryth is an independant college boy (that explains the age difference), for whom some of the Dignitas Gamers eventually get crushes upon, especially Imaqtpie.

At first, the relationship between Neryth and Imaqtpie was quite unpleasing, especially for Imaqtpie (in reference to his given nickname). Its only when Imaqtpie discovers that Neryth is Gamer Neryth, and likewise that Neryth discovers that Imaqtpie is Dignitas Imaqtpie, that the relationship takes a total U-turn.

Neryth originates from Earth. He was to marry Imaqtpie. However, evil forces arose from the internet to lay claim on the League of Legend's sesaonal tournaments. In an attempt to defend his bride-to-be's career, he perished. His soul was sent into the future, to accompany the one who would rise again as Dignitas Imaqtpie.

Birthday: October 23rd
Astrological Sign: Libra
Blood Type: A+
Favorite colors: Blue, green
Hobbies: Snowboarding, reading, stargazing
Favorite food: Sausages
Least favorite food: Fish
Favorite subject: Ancient history
Least favorite subject: Math
Strong points: Bones

Marlbara comes form the future, the 30th century to be exact. He is the son of Prince L0cust and Boy-Princess Imaqtpie in the future Korea, called Crystal Korea. He is sent from Crystal Korea by his boy-mother. Crystal Korea has come under attack, and to insure that Marlbara is not captured, is sent into the past. He is told to locate his boy-mother (in the past). He has to bring the Dignitas Crystal back to Crystal Korea, since its power is the only way the city can be saved. He's much like Imaqtpie, although he's a bit more of a brat. He and L0cust instantly become attached. None of them immediately know that they are related in any way. His broken computer companion takes the place of playing videogames as his hobby, as well as serving as a multipurpose tool.

The glasses he wears allows him to travel through time, it is however "dangerous" to do so. His persuers are from the Dark Korea of the Curseverse. Marlbara's name is actually Imaqtpie, although for the sake of not confusing the two, the younger one likes to be called Marlbara. His name is meant to be short for "Imaqtpie". In the original storyline, he is named Imaqtpie like his boy-mother. In that version, he's nicknamed "chibikyuuso", "chibi" for small, and "kyuuso" which is short for "cornered rat".

Birthday: April 11th
Astrological Sign: Aries
Blood Type: AB-
Favorite colors: Red gold, green
Hobbies: Dumpster diving, getting haircuts
Favorite food: Chocolate pancakes
Least favorite food: Cheese
Favorite subject: Art
Least favorite subject: Math
Strong points: Easily upset, dated a mtf

She appears at the end of Qtpie's Supa Kawaii Hunny The Chase R. Her powers are over the control of dreams and oppai, which is japanese for breasts. The people on the internet think her dream powers are gross, and thus she doesn't have any friends.

Adventsugar is a very isolated person, who doesn't make friends to easily. In her normal form, she can use her dreams ability to haunt people. This ability has been her nemesis in the social scene.

Created of the mysterious organization Twitch Teleivision, Adventsugar is torn between her relationship with Twitch Televisoin and her relation with the rest of the Dignitas Gamers.

Birthday: July 4th
Astrological Sign: Leo
Blood Type: A-
Favorite colors: Red, white, and blue
Hobbies: Identifying the cats in her neighborhood, drinking
Favorite food: Corn on the cob
Least favorite food: Popcorn
Favorite subject: Personal finance
Least favorite subject: Printmaking
Strong points: Very large oppai (running gag in the series)


This section was in highest demand for the longest time so here it finally is!! ^^. I've started making guides through all the games, they may not be very pretty but they'll show you how to get every ending I know about (should be everything, if I missed something please email me here so I can update my guides).

So please enjoy these guides, and again sorry for how ugly they are, I only have mspaint ;P

Qtpie's Supa Kawaii Hunnie Hunt

Qtpie's Supa Kawaii Hunnie Hunt: The Chase R: Episode 1

Credit goes to RBS from the Canadian Supa Kawaii Hunnie Hunt forums for hacking or datamining (sorry im not good with computers ;P) the variables


Lately a LOT of people have been asking for the Japanese original manga by mangaka Nei Ohtani (mangaka means japanese comic creator, also in Japanese the last name comes first so I SHOULD write it as "Otani Nei" -_-;;) however it turns out the original manga is nearly impossible to find if you don't live in japan..
Fortunately LordZollington over at the Canadian Qtpie's Supa Kawaii Hunny Hunt web forum has been slowly scanning and translating (scanlating) the pages he's picked up from his trip to Japan, so yay !! :P
Here's all of the original manga scanlated so far, sorry for the low quality but its the best us gamers got, enjoy ;).


Page 1 Page 2

Click the pictures to expand, more coming soon..
DISCLAIMER: the original manga is copyrighted NEI OTANI if she asks me to take this down I will gladly do so: gomenasai!


Although a lot of hardcore fans (myself included !!) have been following Qtpie's Supa Kawaii Hunny The Chase R's translation like a hawk, I understand it can be a pretty large hassle keeping up with the community as fast as its' growing.. so here I'm going to do my *best* to try to condense all the information on all the various Qtpie's Supa Kawaii Hunny Hunt series... because trust me, there's a LOT @_@;;

As always: SPOILER WARNING!!!!

This is what this site is mostly about, so i won't spend much time talking about it sorry !! If you came to this section first i'd recommend looking at the introduction, story, andd character sections first and of course, playing/reading it yourself !! :)

One thing I haven't touched on that is somewhat controversiol though so if i DONT talk about im sure I'll get like a million emails lol, so without further ado...:
Five routes of the English dub were omitted for inappropriate content and two were forged into one (the neryth and marlbara routes). Many of the remaining routes were heavily edited, making such changes as renaming place names to sound American (example: instead of kankoku, the dub uses korea), editing Japanese text off buildings and replacing it with English text, mirror-imaging CG scenes that involved laning, and cutting minor violence such as slaps or drink-spitting. Each day concluded with an educational segment, "Qtpie's Qoncious," in order to tell the player the story that had just been played. These changes were met with great controversy amongst Western fans.

As I've mentioned before, this series is still being translated much to the anticipation of many fans, so we only have a limited knowledge of whats happening in this series, as well as some fan speculation based on a camrip anonymously posted on the Qtpie's Supa Kawaii Hunny Hunt canadian fan forum showing an unreleased episode of the original japanese visual novel, and let me tell you what happens in this episode is HUGE to the fandom and has been put up to COUNTLESS speculation: lets just say i'd have to make a whole new page for it. ;)

According to the "Memorial Game Box" booklet, one can expand the letter "R" into either "Rage" or "Romance" (lets hope its the second one *^_^*)

Qtpie's Supa Kawaii Hunny Hunt was originally intended to run only one volume, but the first became so popular that Marlbara LTD asked Nei to keep drawing her manga. At first, she struggled with developing another storyline to extend the series. The premise she settled on, introducing the transfriendly anthro son of Imaqtpie from the future, came from her editor, however this aggrivated Nei because originally she actually wanted to kill off all the main characters at the end of Qtpie's Supa Kawaii Hunny Hunt and its rumored since then shes always held a grudge-lets just hope she keeps making such a great series!

So this story starts off where the last series leaves off, with the canonical ending of Imaqtpie getting impregnated by Neryth (by the way, this route is ONLY in the manga and japanese versions of the VN, so when this series came out fans had NO idea what was happening and often confused it with the l0cust end, which has no canonical nei follow-up, however it is a popular subject ending with the fans and lots of fan fiction has been written about it *rolls eyes*) and shortly dying after along with the rest of the Dignitas Gamers as Pobelter and Cop kill them after losing the Korean tournament. The original end was very tragic which was how Nei wanted it, but as mentioned earlier the production company demanded another series so Nei revived them in the future, and then this series starts with the Dignitas Gamers regaining their memories and relearning how to lane as they rejoin each other (becaues they are bound by fate). Although this series mostly stays true to the original, it does have a lot of darker elements to it, notably Cop dying trying to defend Imaqtpie from Pobelter's fatal attack, and Pobelter finally dies right after with a desperation attack from Gamer Neryth, by the way.. THIS IS ONLY HALFWAY INTO THE SERIES!! Then we find out there that Pobelter was just a pawn of a greater scheme and not the true leader of the curseverse. Unfortunately the series is only translated two choices after that, which are both filler routes (we were suppose to get three, but the third route was omitted, it involved Marlbara's friendship with a dinosaur). The speculation, from the camrip, involves what we think to be aliens.

This section will be updated as more episodes are translated, STAY TUNED!!

Unfortunately gamers, none of Gamerkutopai S has yet been translated which is one of the reasons why it still doesn't have an official American title yet, so unfortunately we have nothing in english to go off of...;;

HOWEVER.. we DO have a leaked version of the full Japanese game and there are lots of things we know about it that doesn't require knowing Japanese to understand, for example: there are THREE NEW DIGNITAS GAMERS, one of which we've known about unofficially: Adventsugar becomes a Dignitas Gamer, along with her are two new Dignitas Gamers: Garlicface and Ness.

I know some of you who are probably well-read on your Qtpie's Supa Kawaii Hunny Hunt canon know very well teams can only have five people on them, so you're probably wondering how can there be three new Dignitas Gamers? Well, from what we've seen of the untranslated leaked VN, this takes a HUGE departure from the first two series in that it is the darkest series yet. L0cust, Neryth, Saveme, and Feather Tea die in the series. And the villain this time, instead of wanting to simply conquer League of Legends like Team Curse did in the first two series, the new villain wants to actually destroy League of Legends.. So, who is this villain? The name roughly translates to Professor Coldtoad, who has his own Dark Dignitas team and aims to create his own game to destroy League of Legends entirely. Another reason this VN is so dark is it seems to be created around the ethical theme of sacrifice.

And, again, something I can't go without mentioning that is perhaps the most controversial thing about this game, and that we can definitely expect to be censored out of the dub, is the relationship depicted between Ness and Adventsugar, now since we can't read japanese we don't know the specific details about the relationship, but trust me, it's very heavily implied >_>

The situation with Gamerkutopai Super S is similar to Gamerkutopai S, unfortunately, we've seen a lot of the game but can't read it. Situations like these makes me wish i was born in japan *sigh*

Anyways, what we do know about this movie is it focuses on Marlbara and his interraction with the Dignitas Gamers, and his ongoing relationship with Sherq, an angel from the Online All Girls Mahjong Club who has manifested to protect the Dignitas Crystal. The Dignitas Gamers also learn a new strategy. The Gamers appear to fighting an old friend who has become corrupted by the Dark Dignitas Crystal, Steel, who wants to steal the Dignitas Crystal and fuse it with the Dark Dignitas Crystal in what appears to be an attempt to turn the world into Korea. There isn't too much I can say about this series, gomenasai :/.

Gamerkutopai has the widest amount of fan speculation about it, as we haven't read the manga yet (of course), we haven't played the VN yet, and all we've seen is a Japanese promotional ad in a magazine. That's right, this ISNT EVEN OUT IN JAPAN YET, so for once BOTH japanese AND english fans are waiting together in anticipation for Nei's latest, and apparently final, entry in the Imaqtpie series, so stay tuned!! I promise you I'm going to be the first to have the latest info on this new series as soon as it comes out, believe it.


Here's some of the fanart I've accumulated over the years, we're always looking for more so don't be shy to send me some ;)!!

A really nice centerpiece of Cop by Inf

NSFW WARNING!! *^_^* A picture of L0cust cooling Pony down with his tongue so he doesn't get heat exhaustion, by Feather

A BEAUTIFUL picture of Kevin Smith from Killer7 holding Imaqtpie by Saveme

NSFW!! A *VERY* sensual picture of Cop.. by Ness

WOW!!!! This just goes to show us gamerstars are some of the most talented people !! A beautiful group shot of the cast by Gabs

Send your fanart to me... Gamer Patty


Every now and then I get emailed fanfiction(and occasionally write some myself) and thought I would share it wiht you guys, however this portion of the site is VERY bare at the moment, so please don't hesitate to send it to me, Gamer Patty.. :)

Gamerkutopai S: Blue Angel by GamerAN


People of this blood type are perfectionist, orderly, detail-oriented, industrious, idealistic, soft-spoken and careful.

Positive Negative Suitable Careers
Orderly Picky Accountant
Law-Abiding Selfish Librarian
Fastidious Secretive Economist
Soft-Spoken Pessimistic Novelist
Fashionable Inflexible Computer Programmer
Husky Reckless when drunk Gossip

Characters in Qtpie's Supa Kawaii Hunny Hunt with this blood type:
People with this blood type are flexible, passionate, creative, unconventional and have excellent concentration.

Positive Negative Suitable Careers
Independent Unpredictable Cook
Flexible Indiscreet Hair dresser
Candid Lazy Military leader
Sensitive Impatient Talk show host
Passionate Overbearing Journalist
Persuasive Gluttonous Golfer

Characters in Qtpie's Supa Kawaii Hunny Hunt with this blood type:
People with this blood type are powerful leaders, goal-oriented, enthusiastic, optimistic and good at business.

Positive Negative Suitable Careers
Healthy Status-seeking Banker
Idealistic Jealous Politician (leader)
Goal-oriented Greedy Gambler
Clear-sighted Unreliable Minister (leader)
Good at sports Obsessive lover Investment broker
Sexy Can't shut up Baseball player

Characters in Qtpie's Supa Kawaii Hunny Hunt with this blood type:
People of this blood type are supposed to be natural leaders, great organizers, diplomatic, rational and imaginative.

Positive Negative Suitable Careers
Rational Unforgiving Bartender
Calculating Playboy Attorney
Honest Easily offended Teacher
Diplomatic Too conservative Sales representative
Organized Nitpicker Social worker
Strong Hard to know Witch

Characters in Qtpie's Supa Kawaii Hunny Hunt with this blood type:
People of this blood type are rumored to be korean, royal, passionate lovers, very willfull, and extremely clever.

Positive Negative Suitable Careers
Korean Korean Escort
Caring Big spender Royalty
Open minded Judgemental Korean Citizen
Great lover Easily perturbed Fashion Model
Charismatic Stubborn Ceramicist
Holds alcohol well Slavery Pro-Gamer

Characters in Qtpie's Supa Kawaii Hunny Hunt with this blood type:
People with this blood type are cursed, have an affinity for the curseverse, great advisors, are excellent programmers, and are even superior progamers.

Powerful Corrupted Gravedigger
Determined Cursed fate Embalmer
Adaptable Short sighted Professional Wrestler
Good with technology Malevolent urges Gunsmith
Good flow Over controlling Professional anime watcher
Stout Untrustworthy Football player
Cordinated Gives into urges President (leader)

Characters in Qtpie's Supa Kawaii Hunny Hunt with this blood type:
People with this blood type are supposidly mysterious, possess shamanistic powers, and can control the blood types of other people, but are doomed to be alienated.

Positive Negative Suitable Careers
Mysterious Hard to understand Shaman
Magical Unrelatable Tarot reader
Naturally strong Melancholic Fortune Teller
Gentle Shrouded Weatherman
High aspirations Sighs often Basketball player
Honest Unguided Dog groomer

Characters in Qtpie's Supa Kawaii Hunny Hunt with this blood type:


Some of the information contained above was obtained from: This webpage's Rings has been moved for your convienience. You can visit it through the menu, or here.

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